Gem of the Hills

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Activity Center

Kitchen Dining

Dance Floor
Dance Floor

The Gem of the Hills Activity Center is a 5,600 square-foot building that has a large dance/banquet floor, a full kitchen with stove, sink, and serving tables, carpeted area for private meetings, a gym, and the Gem offices. The Activity Center is used for a variety of activities, including exercise and yoga classes, various programs and meetings, and games, such as bridge, poker, and dominoes. The main rooms can be reserved for meetings, private parties, corporate events, classes, receptions, fairs, training sessions, and other events.

Mural on West Wall

Rates for renting the Activity Center are shown on the Rates page. For more information or to make a reservation call the Gem office at (830) 833-2713, or email the office. Tables are available to seat 150 to 180 people. Tall folding partitions (7½-feet high) with sound absorbing panels provide separate space for meeting privacy.

Limestone Fireplace

The west wall of the Activity Center has a stunning 8-by-40-foot mural of the hill country that was created by very talented local senior. The north wall features a 26-foot-high native limestone fireplace that highlight the main dining and meeting area.

In addition to the Activity Center, the 40-by-60-foot covered Pavilion can be be reserved and rented for outdoor activities, such as family or school reunions, company picnics, and outdoor retreats.